The Seven Deadly Sins of Self Shooting – 90 Mins (Masterclass Marathon)

The Seven Deadly Sins of Self-Shooting & How to Avoid Them

This 90 minute masterclass and workshop addresses seven of the most frequent faults of self-shooting.  This session will give tips on how to tackle: Disorganised kit, strange composition, lack of shots to illustrate story, incorrect exposure, inappropriate focus, trouble with common sound issues and shots that don’t cut together.  The masterclass will cover how these faults arise, but crucially will provide take away, simple tips, in each of the areas, so that the attendees can make major improvements to their self-shooting technique. The interactive masterclass will include demonstrations with a C300 and mics, as well and a time for Q&A from attendees about particular aspects of their shooting they’d like help with. 


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Course content

Masterclass Content:

How to Avoid Common Faults of Self-Shooting:

  • Kit discipline. How to look after your equipment and avoid the catastrophes of shoddy kit management.
  • Effective Composition. Use a list of reliable composition techniques to enhance your sequences and interviews, to avoid strange compositions.
  • Get Enough Shots to Tell the Story Effectively.  Understand what makes usable pictures to illustrate your story and what doesn’t. How to improve the ratio of solid shots recorded.
  • Film the right shots to make Sequences. Find relevant action to film and get the right cover to make it useful in the edit.
  • Expose Correctly. How to decide what to expose for, resisting the auto button, and knowing how your camera can help you to expose correctly.
  • Understand the nature of Focus. Make informed decisions about what to focus on (and what not to.)
  • Tackle Sound Problems. Be prepared to diagnose and tips for how to troubleshoot common sound issues quickly.

Who it's for

From novice self-shooters (Runner/Researcher level) who want to improve their shooting technique, up to programme makers (Producer/Directors) who want to understand more about self-shooting.



Class size

20 people

Course cost

  • Course cost - £15
  • Freelancer cost - £15

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be in writing and must be received at least seven days prior to the course date or the full fee will be charged. ITF reserves the right to cancel courses without liability, and delegates will be offered an alternative date or full refund. ITF reserves the right to cancel courses if there are insufficient enrolments. Read more about our terms and conditions.

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Technical: The Seven Deadly Sins of Self Shooting – 90 Mins (Masterclass Marathon)

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