Post-production management

Post Production can seem a bit of an ever changing and expensive minefield to the unwary.  This course will give you an overview of how to understand, prepare and master the process from beginning to end.  We will cover planning, scheduling, budgeting, managing projects and delivering. Confusing terms and processes will be demystified and we will use real life case studies and practical exercises to enable you to get the best creative results for your post-production budget.

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Course content

You’ll come away with a thorough understanding of post-production from beginning to end. You’ll be able to plan, budget, schedule and deliver with confidence.

Main areas covered include:

  • How to plan a workflow
  • How to assess the delivery requirements and read tech specs
  • Combining this with the creative vision
  • Post Production overview – why and how it fits together
  • Budgeting and scheduling – how to compare quotes, what’s important, what’s not.
  • Post production paperwork


Who it's for

Production managers (PMs) Production Secretaries, Assistant Producers (Aps), Directors, Series Producers, Heads of Production. Any production staff who need a thorough understanding of how to get the best out of post-production – whether it be to save time and money or how to get the best version of your creative vision on the screen.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be in writing and must be received at least seven days prior to the course date or the full fee will be charged. ITF reserves the right to cancel courses without liability, and delegates will be offered an alternative date or full refund. ITF reserves the right to cancel courses if there are insufficient enrolments. Read more about our terms and conditions.

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