Drama production management (2): overview & budgeting

Drama production management 2 is a one day course designed to introduce you to the basics of production managing drama and the essentials of successful budgeting in television drama. In the first part of the day, we will cover from production team roles to understanding the size of crews and the different units. In the afternoon we will focus on budgeting, covering from budgeting principles to how to manage a production.

NB: this course is a follow up of the Drama Production Management 1: scheduling



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Course content

  • Understanding who’s who and who does what on a film production. Understanding the size of crews. Why are there different
  • Why are there different units? What are the different units?
  • How to budget a drama.
  • Budgeting principles.
  • How to manage a budget.
  • And how to manage a production.

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Scripted: Drama production management (2): overview & budgeting

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