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Building Resilience

Resilience is about coping with the inevitable problems and challenges that we all face in life and coming back the stronger for them. It is a vital skill in our professional lives but pressure of work and daily stress can erode it and self-doubt and an inner critic can act as blocks to resilience. In this workshop we look at the key skills of awareness, consciously rationalising trigger points of stress, re-calibrating the notion of failure and finding the support we all need in a work place setting. Clients will leave the workshop with an action plan for the pressure points in the working lives, and some practical techniques to manage them based on the five indicators of resilience listed below in the course content.

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Course content

• an internal locus of control – identify the difference between an internal and external locus of control and how to flip them
• regulating emotions – exploring techniques that help regulate the emotions that heighten panic and stress
• re-framing failure as helpful feedback
• drawing on past resilience – drawing a time line of resilience and identifying patterns of resilient behaviour
• identifying support – how and where does your support lie?

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People skills: Building Resilience

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