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What we do

The Indie Training Fund (ITF) runs training courses for production companies and freelancers across the UK.

We’re a not-for-profit organisation led by our member companies, including  many of the UK’s leading indies.

We run courses in most areas of television, and they’re open to member companies, non-members and freelancers. We also offer bespoke training to our member companies.

 Our courses cover: 

  • production
  • legal and business
  • drama
  • digital
  • technical
  • people skills
  • diversity

Most courses last one day or half a day. They’re usually at our offices in Euston Street NW1 2HA, but we also train at centres around the UK. Find out more.

Become an ITF member:

Our training is good value for money, but your company could save even more by becoming an ITF member.

Membership benefits include bespoke training and consultancy services as well as discounts on our courses. Just one annual payment can save you time and hassle by outsourcing much of your training to ITF.

Who we work with:

Our partners include broadcasters, PACT, the Creative Diversity Network, Creative Skillset, BECTU and many other industry bodies.

We’re a training provider for the BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4.

We run the training programme to support trainees on the PACT Indie Diversity Scheme.

We worked with broadcasters and Creative Skillset to provide a four day Self Shooting Producer/Director programme in Manchester in 2015.



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