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Pat Horridge

Pat started work at VET in 1986 taking on the repair and servicing of Broadcast shooting equipment and installations.
VET grew and expanded into tape services & Installations and of course its ground breaking training.
Pat was a driving force in innovating and expanding the technical aspects of the business.
After 30 years VET had grown into a boutique Post Production Facility in trendy Hoxton Sq with Pat now Technical Director and still driving the technical side of things.
The whole IT side of the business, as well as the Post technical side, fell under Pats Technical Directors role.
At VET it was always the newest technologies that Pat experimented with, developed, and rolled out internally. That enabled VET to develop and deliver the most current and up-to-date Training courses.
VET ran a range of Scheduled training courses covering fundamental technical aspects of the industry.
The demand for bespoke training to cover the rapid evolution in technologies was serviced by Pat developing and delivering cutting edge technical courses and these were delivered by Pat for VET, helping other Post houses and Freelancers get across those new technologies.
In 2016 the VET Post side of the business was taken over by Molinare leaving Pat and Joan to continue the VET Training side of the business.
Since then Pats continued to head up the Technical side of VET Training delivery.
Working directly with clients to establish just what they need and the best way to deliver it. Pat customises his wide range of VET Training content, updates it to ensure it covers the newest technologies, and then devises a schedule for delivery to suit the clients budget and timeframe.

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