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Michael Holness

Michael has focussed on helping businesses improve productivity using MS Office for many years. He presented BBC Worldwide’s global Office training films, has been a writer both for print and online, and is a trainer, data-programmer and analyst.

“Training is at the heart of most of my work because the small changes people make in their skills can have a massive impact on their happiness and on an organisation’s bottom-line.”

Strong communication skills, patience and sound technical knowledge allow him to bridge the gap between technician and user, providing demonstrable results in a wide range of industries.

As a Microsoft-certified expert and consultant, he has the skills to look at a problem and identify the best solutions or software-tools for a quick and easy resolution… freeing-up time, easing headaches, and unlocking the value of the numbers which organisations collect.

Michael loves being able to identify business requirements, and providing solutions so effective, that they sometimes seem like magic.

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