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Marcia Gay

Marcia Gay is a veteran of the British Film and TV Industry. She has worked as an Assistant Director, Line Producer and Visual Effects Production Manager.  She came up through the ranks and started her career in the industry as a runner and Assistant Director with the likes of Otto Preminger, John Frankenheimer and Joe Losey, as well as the more British Michael Winner!

Her credits include Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, X-Men First Class, Eragon, Speedracer, Game of Thrones, Silent Witness, Aliens 3, License to kill 007. She was also involved in the scheduling of Gravity. She has been involved in major block-busters as well as low-budget and no-budget shorts and has worked in over 30 x countries.

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94 Euston St
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T: 020 3487 0354