December 15th, 2016

ITF Newsletter November 2016

“Life is like a Camera, Focus on what’s Important, Develop from Negatives…” Richard Branson

ITF Tech Week
This month, we are bringing you the second part of our themed weeks; Tech Week, with an exciting variety of courses such as The Craft of Building Big Shows, Video Editing – Premier Pro CC and Shooting with C300.

For the second time, we are also offering an interactive Camera Evening hosted by the renowned kit hire company Shift-4 for only£5! This evening will offer you the opportunity to get your hands on and up to date information on a variety of cameras and have all your technical questions answered by our specialists.

To see the full schedule of the Tech Week, click here!

ITF’s short courses
This month, we have a few courses that have limited spaces. To guarantee a space on these courses, book now!

To see a full list of courses, go to

Don’t forget for a limited time only, you are still able to book 3 courses for the price of 2!

Simply book your course place online and then contact to reserve your free place on the 3rd course T&Cs apply!
ITF Members New Bespoke Training 

Don’t forget to be in touch with us to book bespoke training for your staff . The team here at the ITF is working to ensure we provide the most current and thorough training for your staff to equip them for work each day. Most popular courses so far have been Spot Coaching, Dealing with Difficult People, Camera skills and Data Wrangling.

To find out your company entitlement and to book training for the year, contact either Felisha Weekes or Gilly Cohen.

Lunch and Learn sessions
Unable to spare a full day for training? Do you wish you could develop your staff but still need them in the office during the day? ITF has now made this possible by developing it’s Lunch and Learn sessions. These are 60-90 minute sessions held over your lunch break so you don’t miss a days work in the office. We have a wide range of topics to suit your company’s needs. Click here to find the sessions we offer.

If you are interested in booking some sessions, contact either Felisha Weekes or Gilly Cohen.

Converting Remaining Allowance
We try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the best out of your training allowance. If you’re unable to use all your bespoke or lunch and learn sessions, we are able to help you spend your allowance by converting your remaining short course places for additional bespoke or lunch and learn places, depending on your preferred style of training. To find out how you can do this, contact either Felisha Weekes or Gilly Cohen.

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