July 27th, 2016

ITF Newsletter July 2016

‘Hello July, Please Bring Me Great Training!’ 

Diamond diversity monitoring training

With a success of 201 sessions and over 1,200 people being trained around the UK, the Project Diamond face to face training sessions have now come to an end. Tina Jaffrey and Addie Orfila have been running the training to educate the industry on how to use Silvermouse and the importance of monitoring diverse talent in the industry.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend any of the sessions, online tutorials will be available by following the below link:https://www.diamonddiversity.uk/code/default.aspx

ITF’s short courses in July

Lacking a specific skill? Or are you just looking to take your career to the next level? See what ITF has in store for their training schedule this month.

We have limited places available on the short courses below, so book now before the summer break to ensure you’re able to attend:

To see a full list of courses, go to www.indietrainingfund.com

ITF Members – New Bespoke Training 

“Tutor’s knowledge and experience to a very high standard”
Just one way to describe our training!

Don’t forget to be in touch with us to book bespoke training for your staff . The team here at the ITF is working to ensure we provide the most current and thorough training for your staff to equip them for work each day. To find out your company entitlement and to book training for the year, contact either Felisha Weekes or Gilly Cohen.

‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions
Unable to spare a full day for training? Do you wish you could develop your staff but still need them in the office during the day? ITF has now made this possible by developing it’s Lunch and Learn sessions. These are 60-90 minute sessions held over your lunch break so you don’t miss a days work in the office. We have a wide range of topics to suit your company’s needs. Click here to find the sessions we offer.

If you are interested in booking some sessions, contact either Felisha Weekes or Gilly Cohen.

Camera Demo Evening

Shift 4 and our trainer; Jeremy Humphries held our first ever Camera Demo evening on Wednesday 22nd June at ITF. We had 14 people with an array of abilities attend the training from different indies. We would like to thank all those who took the time out to attend the evening. We trust that you found it informative and left here with new skills to take back to work. We would also like to thank Shift 4 and Jeremy Humphries for taking the session and sharing their pearls of wisdom with the trainees.

If you are interested in any camera courses we offer, keep an eye on our website or book here for the next camera course.

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