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Advanced production management

Safety management in tv production

Edit producer: Essentials

Factual production management: Introduction

Researchers survival guide

Scripted comedy from creation to commission

Production co-ordinator masterclass

Television development skills

Casting contributors for tv

Series producer: Essentials

Creativity Masterclass

Writing, pitching and winning commissions

Post-production management 

Finding your next big idea:maximize your creativity

Movie magic: Scheduling

Secrets of the edit

How commissioning really works


Legal and Business

Production Insurance masterclass

Branded content and product placement

Compliance: keeping up to date

Employment law: Introduction

Freelancers business guide

TV copyright masterclass

Music Rights

Complying with broadcasters diversity guidelines



Script editing: Essentials

Drama production management 1

Drama production management 2

Drama production management 3

How to storyline a series for tv drama

Producing tv drama

Shaping and selling  tv drama ideas

Script negative checking: an expert’s view

Drama production management bootcamp

Story, Ideas and Character masterclass

Pitching and storytelling 1

Pitching and storytelling 2

Drama Bootcamp

Movie magic scheduling

Movie magic budgeting


Self shooting camera skills 1: foundation

Self shooting camera skills 2: intermediate

Data Wrangling: introduction

A beginners guide to studio

Taking a show from paper to studio


People Skills/Diversity

Complying with Broadcaster Diversity Guidelines and staying within the law

Open and fair recruitment

Casting diverse contributors

Disability in tv

Managing People for the first time

Leadership: advanced people management

Dealing with difficult people

Recruitment: finding the right talent

Recruitment: interviewing skills for tv managers

Career break: returning to work in tv

Diversifying your programme talent

Presentation and public speaking

Excel for beginners

Excel: Intermediate

Excel: Advanced

How to get work in tv

Spot coaching

Stress management 

Time management

Interviewing an expert

Negotiation and communication masterclass

Influencing and negotiating masterclass (60 minutes session)

Essential HR




Social media and second screens

Cross platform storytelling

Social media for production

How to become a super producer for all platforms

Making money from digital content

Taster tapes

Social media essentials

Content strategy

Social media law

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